Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Music

Certain albums in my collection have become strongly linked in my mind to specific seasons and I usually reserve them for play during those times of year. Here's a short list of my summer discs:

Marshall Crenshaw: Field Day

This might be my quintessential summer album. The sunny reverbed tone of Crenshaw's voice, the ringing guitar, the melodies - perfect.

Michael Rother: Katzenmusik
A great set of languid guitar-based instrumentals. Hazy, sunny and warm.

REM: Reveal
They actually designed this to capture the feel of summer. It worked.

Bruce Springsteen: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Summer of 1978 - I went to Crystal Beach amusement park and heard "Badlands" blasting from the Octopus ride as I entered the front gates. I'll never forget the way the music, smells and heat all merged for a few incredible seconds. Also - "Racing in the Street" is an absolutely perfect song for summer nights.

XTC: Skylarking
This one's obvious.

Bob Marley: Exodus
Reggae's a natural genre for summer and this is my favorite Marley album. I remember often falling asleep to this during warm, quiet mornings after long, dreary midnight shifts at the paper mill.

Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavillion
It's new to the list, but already feels like a classic.

Elvis Costello: Imperial Bedroom
I spent the summer of 1982 pretty much doing nothing but drinking beer and listening to this record.