Friday, February 03, 2006

Small Business Thoughts

What I've learned while growing my own small business:

1. Networking groups have their place, but don't forget - everyone is selling, few are buying.

2. The internet is your best friend. Use it.

3. Respect your clients and be there for them. They're not that in love with your talent.

4. Instead of placing an ad somewhere - spend 2 evenings finding customers on the web.

5. Your local community can only provide so much for you. Find ways to reach beyond.

6. Don't be phony. There's no need to pretend your PO Box is a "suite." Running a business from home doesn't mean "unprofessional."

7. Never cheat and always take the high road. Every client is a salesman for you. When necessary, bow out gracefully.

8. Trust people. Whenever possible, don't make a client feel like they have to pass a test. Yes, there are people who'll take advantage of you, but not enough to warrant a tacky security system.