Thursday, February 02, 2006

Staying Organized in the Drone Zone

Two things that have made my work/life better:

EssentialPIM - an Outlook clone that works like a champ. My entire business is now housed completely in this great little program. There's a pro version with additional features, but the free model I've been using for the past couple months is exactly what I need. It's one of those well designed programs that you actually look forward to using. The litmus test of interface design.

I'm also a huge fan of SomaFM - the free streaming music site, based in San Francisco, that offers up multiple "stations" of great work-friendly (for me at least) ambient and beat-driven electronica. My favorite is "Drone Zone" - an endless stream of textured ambience that fills the air around my desk nicely. Up to the minute playlists are linked to Amazon - giving SomaFM a well-desrved 5% commission. This whole arrangement seems completely logical to me. Everyone's winning - me, SomaFM, the artists and Amazon.